Photo of Stefan Randholm self portrait

Stefan Randholm is a Swedish real estate and portrait photographer. Combining an engineering background with a strong artistic vein, he finds photography to be an exciting crossroads between art and technique.

Stefan's shoots real estate combining multiple, carefully placed portable lights and hand blended exposures to create bright yet natural looking and inviting spaces. Stefan takes his time to meticulously craft his images, because he knows that regardless whether you rent or sell, better images make faster sales.

When creating a portrait, Stefan uses advanced lighting techniques to set the scene. However, the true magic, and the driver of Stefan's motivation, is to be able to see how the character and personality of the subject is brought to life in the resulting images. Stefan is a people photographer, and takes it as his challenge to make a portrait that brings out the best of his clients.

Go ahead and browse the images in Stefan's gallery, and book him for your own photography session.

Stefan speaks fluent English, Spanish and Swedish.