Stefan Randholm

About Stefan

Stefan Randholm is a Swedish architectural, interior design and real estate photographer, based in Marbella, Costa del Sol. Combining an engineering background with a strong artistic vein, he finds photography to be an exciting crossroads between art and technique.

Stefan is meticulous about composition, perspective and lighting. When creating an image, Stefan employs a light painting technique and advanced post-processing to introduce light in key areas with the objective to render both indoor and outdoor spaces in the very best way. The result is an effective balance of natural and artistically crafted light that will draw in the eye.

Stefan uses only professional grade equipment, including a high resolution, full frame camera body, an assortment of flashes and powerful portable strobes and a complete range of lenses, including specialist tilt-shift lenses for maximum perspective control.

Prior to his career in photography, Stefan has had a long and solid background with leading roles in manufacturing and international education and management consulting for blue-chip companies. He has lived in southern Spain for over 20 years, and speaks fluent Spanish, English and Swedish.